No Heartbleed concerns for Trackur customers

We’d like to assure all customers that Trackur was not affected by the Heartbleed bug. The moment we heard about the exploit we ran a full diagnostic to confirm we were not vulnerable.

Dec 27 - All systems 100%

Thank for your patience, we’re back online!

Dec 27 - Brief downtime

Our hosting provider needs to take our server offline for a few minutes to perform a needed upgrade. We expect to be back online by 9:30 pm EDT.

August 27: RSS Feeds Fixed

As of 11:23pm ET, RSS feeds are working correctly. Should you still have problems, please try re-subscribing to your RSS feed or contact us at

August 27th: RSS feed errors

We’re aware that some users are seeing the wrong results in their RSS feeds. We’ve disabled RSS feeds while we investigate and fix.

Our apologies for this issue. We will update when back to normal.